F-RIB 275


The smallest in the F-RIB range, the F-RIB 275 is only 9 feet in length can be packed away to an impressive 2’10″x3’x1’6”

The F-RIB 275 can be assembled and inflated in less than 5 minutes with no hassle and extra parts to worry about.

These compact inflatable boats have a rigid fiberglass hull making them very resistable to wear and tear.

Boats which are this versatile did not exist until the F-RIB. With the solid GRP hull the F-RIB provides superior ride and comfort over other inflatable boats. Be- cause of the unique foldable concept of the hull, the F-RIB is able to be packed, stored and carried like a normal inflat- able boat.

The F-RIB 275 is a perfect tender for all motor- boats and sailing yachts. With minimal dimensions these boats are easily stored in a car boot, cockpit locker or tender garage. You can also leave the boats on deck in the packing bag.

The FRIB is a solid hull RIB boat that can be folded up to for easy storage and transportation from Ricky Cole on Vimeo.

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The F-RIB 275

The rigid V-shaped hulls make the F-RIBs extremely directionally stable and seaworthy. The inflatable high density PVC (MIRASOL) tubes with three separate internal chambers provide sufficient buoyancy even in rough sea conditions with waves breaking into the boat.

F-RIB 275 is suitable for all types of boating and pack down to a size that is easily carried in a car, boat or caravan.DSC_4003

Using smaller, lighter engines, the F-RIBs are fast, economical, safe and fun to use with assembly being achievable in under 5 minutes.

The F-RIB is a space saver that removes the need for paid storage or a trailer.

F-RIBs are the next generation of multipurpose rigid inflatable boats. Our unique method of building a foldable GRP
hull has been patented worldwide and we believe our product provides a completely new and innovative way of
storing, transporting and enjoying a RIB.

The solid GRP hull provides directional stability and a fast, comfortable ride. The tubes with up to 4 chambers are made from a tough, UV durable PVC (Mirasol 1100 g/sqm.) These features combined make F-RIBs lighter, more compact and versatile than any other RIB. (Optional teak decking for that luxurious finish.)


The F-RIB 275 comes complete with an accessory bag, 1 x bench seat, 2 oars, an air pump, and a repair patch275-front




In house boat test results:

Load (adults)    Motor Speed (km/h)        Speed (knots)
1 5PS / 3.68KW           28                             15.1
2 15PS / 11KW            38                             20.5


Technical Data:

Length 2750mm
Width 1600mm
Depth 450mm
Cockpit Length 1900mm
Cockpit Width 800mm
Dry weight  36kg / 79lbs
The diameter of the tube 400mm
Maximum power 15hp
Power recommended 5-10hp
Passenger capacity 3
Payload 300kg
Folded Dimensions 900x900x450mm


We are always here to help, if you have any questions about the F-RIB please get in touch [email protected] +44(0)7590 777 734

We are based in Hamble, in the center of the south coast near Southampton if your in the local area we would love for you to drop in to see us and our product. We also have demo boats on site you are more than welcome to come and have a play on the river with this unique RIB

Additional information

Weight 50 kg



  1. John BREWER (verified owner)

    My wife and I love our FRIB. The other members at our club are astonished and envious when we unpack it, inflate and are on the water in minutes.
    When we say we have a tender on board people search up and down before saying “where?” We point to the bag on the command bridge, they don’t believe it and they want us to deploy the FRIB to prove it.

    We are getting quite fast at the routine of deploying it LOL.

    John BREWER On 27/07/18

  2. ameruelo

    This is the best inflatable I have ever owned. I have now used it extensively and have found it incredibly seaworthy. From being caught in the bay with un-forecasted 2-3 ft windwaves in 26 kt winds to crossing to islands with camping gear to carrying scubadiving gear to fishing or spearfishing with friends. Nothing beats the ability to put this RIB in my trunk and engine in the middle seat, and have a boat capable of carrying 1-3 people in rough conditions. The lightness of the boat makes it able to be powered by incredibly small engines with high fuel economy. My seat snapped and it was replaced under warranty no questions asked. If anything ever happened to my RIB, I would re-order from Steve in a heartbeat. Thank you for selling such a fantastic boat and making it available in the United States so that those who live here are able to enjoy it.

  3. fwdb

    Last Weekend, launched my new F-Rib 275 & Suzuki 6HP for the first time. Very easy to set up. This is the perfect vacation boat for us !
    For pictures see:

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