Foldable F-RIB 360 video: first impressions by Alex Smith @

Inflatable boats have many flaws, as a rule, yet for those with limited space to keep a tender ashore, or on board, they serve their purpose. However the F-RIB range of folding RIBs allows the space-saving owner to enjoy the portability of an inflatable with much better performance on the water.

The F-RIB 360 packs down to a metre square, half a metre deep, and weighs in at 48kg, which is not an easy load to carry single-handed, but compares very favourably with similar one-piece RIBs. The hull is held together with two finger-tightened bolts and with a 15hp on the stern, speeds of up to 24 knots singlehanded should be possible.

F-RIB 360 – first impressions video

Set-up should only take five minutes and there is a full-length video on the F-RIB website to demonstrate. The F-RIB 360 costs £2,500, which is more than double the price of a comparable single-piece SIB, however the benefits are plain to see: easier storage, extra speed, reduced weight and a four-year warranty.