November Special offer : 275 Torqeedo with FREE Travel Bag and Bow Canopy !

The complete package will include : F-RIB 275, Torqeedo 1003s, with a FREE Torqeedo travel bag set and bow canopy

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 F-RIB 275


The smallest in the F-RIB range, the F-RIB 275 is only 9 feet in length can be packed away to an impressive 2’10″x3’x1’6”

The F-RIB 275 can be assembled and inflated in less than 5 minutes with no hassle and extra parts to worry about.

Canopy (bow)These compact inflatable boats have a rigid fiberglass hull making them very resistable to wear and tear.

Boats which are this versatile did not exist until the F-RIB. With the solid GRP hull the F-RIB provides superior ride and comfort over other inflatable boats. Be- cause of the unique foldable concept of the hull, the F-RIB is able to be packed, stored and carried like a normal inflat- able boat.

The F-RIB 275 is a perfect tender for all motor- boats and sailing yachts. With minimal dimensions these boats are easily stored in a car boot, cockpit locker or tender garage. You can also leave the boats on deck in the packing bag.

Torqeedo 1003sTorqeedo Travel 1003 L

Simply and cleanly break down into three pieces, transport, store – and all it takes is a couple of steps to mount it again. Apply power so gently that even casting off and mooring are fun. Talk at normal levels even at top speed: it’s all possible with the Travel 1003.

The all-rounder offers the same performance and range as a small petrol outboard. But it’s more convenient, quieter, lighter and environmentally friendlier. The Travel 1003 easily propels tenders, dinghies and daysailers up to 1.5 tons. For hours on end, if you want. Thanks to the integrated GPS receiver, the tiller display provides continuous information about range, speed over the ground and battery capacity. An acoustic signal tells you when there’s 30%, 20% and 10% charge remaining. Then, just hook up the integrated lithium battery to a charger connected to the mains. By the way; with the new rapid charger, it’s charged in half the time. Charging via the on board 12V system is also possible. Or there’s the 45W solar charger and the battery can be topped up, during the passage, from the sun.