F-RIB News and Oppuntinties

We are planning a trip across Europe to see some of our current dealers and attend the Palma Boat Show. We would like to take this opportunity to show you our boats at the end of April. We will have all the F-RIB models available for you to see and have a go in.

We look forward to meeting you and will be in contact soon to arrange a convenient time and place. In the meantime should you need to contact me please don’t hesitate to do so on the details below.

Many Thanks



[email protected]

+44 7590 777 734

What is a Foldable RIB or F-RIB?newsLetter
The F-RIB’s are a completely new generation of multipurpose boats. The unique way of building a foldable GRP-hull is worldwide patented. This solution provides a completely new way of using a RIB.

These revolutionary new Foldable RIBs (F-RIBs) have 3-section articulated folding rigid hulls. This makes them much easier to transport and store – taking little more space than an all-fabric boat, whilst retaining the performance, stability and durability advantages of a conventional RIB

Why become an authorized F-RIB Dealer?

Foldable RIBs are fast becoming the popular choice with over 1,700 sold in 2015.

Our retail and dealer partners are critical to helping us spread the F-RIB experience to consumers around the world. We appreciate the time and resources our dealers invest in training knowledgeable staff and providing a compelling F-RIB experience. In return, F-RIB is committed to consistently develop and deliver innovative products that capture consumer interest and bring in higher revenues and more customers to you. Our culture of innovation extends to all areas of dealer support. We are looking for energetic business partners who are sales-driven, ready to work with us in developing local markets and servicing worldwide clients.