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Versatile Application

LAGOON can be used with nearly all kinds of SUPs, kayaks, canoes, as well as most other small-sized boats. Two LAGOON standard adapters suit two popular fin boxes in the market. So LAGOON can be easily connected to most SUPs, kayaks or small boats with a proper fin box. For those without a fin box, LAGOON universal adapter solves all the mounting problem.



Small but Mighty

This 300wh lithium-ion battery weighs only 2.5kg, having an energy density as high as 120wh/kg. Besides, the battery is so small that it can even be placed on your palm without much effort. Small and light though, it supports 1.15 hour operation at full-speed of around 8km/h, redefining what is “small but mighty”.


Wearable Remote Controller

The wireless remote controller enables stepless forward speed control and emergency stop. Push forward the throttle slide block to speed up smoothly or press the on/off button to stop the motor at once in emergency. The watch-like controller can be worn on wrist, attached to a paddle or just hold by hand for easy access.


Extended Travel Range

Travel distance of SUPs, kayaks and canoes merely by paddling is very limited either due to physical fatigue or unpredictable environmental factors like currents or winds. LAGOON motorizes your SUPs, kayaks and canoes to take you further and go faster under these circumstances. At top speed of about 8.5km/h, Lagoon travels 9km for 1 hour. At low speed of about 5km/h, it lasts 9 hours, extending the travel range to 45km.

Super Light

The super light LAGOON weighs only 4kg in total with LAGOON Motor weighing only 1.5kg and LAGOON Battery 2.5kg, so it is extremely effortless to transport, carry or store this product. LAGOON system also minimizes the occupied space on SUPs, kayaks or canoes, leaving more space for other stuff, like fish.

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