Rescue F-RIB

F-RIBs are purpose built using a globally patented design.  When chosen as your highly reliable and versatile rescue craft, the F-RIB offers the ability to safely perform critical missions in the shortest possible time span and has multiple deployment capabilities that surpass other craft in this class.
Safety Boat F-RIB

  • Lifeboat
  • Flood Rescue
  • Search and Rescue
  • Coast Guard
  • Emergency Services
  • Military

At F-RIB our rescue boats have proven to be a vital fleet asset for professional organisations worldwide.  With a fully rigid hull, these durable, low profile, easily stored and carried boats enable  faster response times and simplified deployment.

  • Optimal safety for you and your passengers
  • Reduce response times with fast launch and retrieval
  • Access critical areas where traditional vessels are impeded by shallow water, variable depth, debris, and obstructions
  • Operate in rough conditions up to and including wind force F6 and a significant wave height up to and including 2 metres
  • Lead deployment into remote disaster areas
  • Increased service life with enhanced resistance to oil, chemicals, weather, and damaging UV rays from Mirasol commercial grade fabric.
  • Never need a trailer again

Rescue F-rib

F-RIB’s are a completely new generation of multipurpose boats. The unique way of building a foldable GRP-hull is worldwide patented. This solution provides a completely new way of using a RIB.

These revolutionary new Foldable RIBs (F-RIBs) have 3-section articulated folding rigid hulls. This makes them much easier to transport and store – taking little more space than an all-fabric boat, whilst retaining the performance, stability and durability advantages of a conventional RIB.
F-RIB Chart
Our F-RIBs have been selected by the Emergency Services and Military

Our team offers complete solutions for professionals that include training, rigging, trials and developments adapted to meet our customer’s specific requirements

Boats which are this versatile did not exist until the F-RIB

At F-RIB we offer a Unique Patented Foldable RIB which remains unrivaled by other craft in this class.

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